Honeymoon Budgeting

Just like a wedding, a honeymoon is a once in a lifetime affair. It sets the start for a new life together, lasts several days, and creates and endless array of hopefully treasured memories. Still, when doing their wedding planning, some couples neglect to allocate a part of their budget to the honeymoon.

But how do you budget for your honeymoon? It completely depends on what you want from your honeymoon:


  • How far will you travel?
  • For how long will you go?
  • What are your expectations?
  • What time of year you are traveling?

All these factors influence the potential cost of your honeymoon. Budgeting is a crucial point in the process since it will avoid disappointment. Allocating the right money to your honeymoon makes sure that you get the vacation you wish for and deserve.

Whilst you can get an idea for pricing online I would suggest contacting a specialist. After all, you not only want to make sure you have an accurate idea of how much you will need but you also want to make sure you are well taken care of. Rely on an expert to help you plan your honeymoon so you can be sure to get what you expect. And, once you travel you have a real person to answer your questions and solve any issues.

So many things can go wrong and a specialist is there to help you minimize the risks and take care of you should something happen. Your honeymoon is most likely the most important vacation you will ever take.

  • You want to know that the ocean view room you are booking has an actual view of the ocean
  • You don’t want to get to the hotel you especially picked for your honeymoon, just to learn that they decided to relocate you somewhere else
  • You are having issues with your flights – you want to be able to call a number without being on hold for hours
  • Arriving in a foreign country can be overwhelming. You want to know who picks you up and takes you to the resort and don’t want to be harrassed with an endless time-share selling conversation

That being said, the most important factor should not be price. You should know what you get and the value should be right. Also, make sure you budget according to your wishes and expectations. Your specialist will be able to give you a good idea on what is right.

The first step to a successful honeymoon is making it an integral part of your wedding budget and finding the right specialist. If you need help budgeting for your honeymoon feel free to contact me anytime.

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