Celebrity Honeymoon Spotlight: Anguilla

Pirates of the Caribbean’s Orlando Bloom and the Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr jetted off to Anguilla after a secret wedding in the US last year. They stayed in one of the Viceroy’s private villas. Set in 35 acres of lush tropical vegetation, their villa came with their own private pool, cabana, spa, and personal butler. After four days in Anguilla, the pair flew off to two additional Caribbean islands rumored to be St. Lucia and Mustique. Other celebrities visiting Anguilla include Sandra Bullock, Robert De Niro and Uma Thurman.


Viceroy Resort Anguilla

Anguilla is a warm and welcoming island tucked away in the northern Caribbean. It is surrounded by stunningly white beaches and breathtaking turquoise water. Anguilla is casual and easy, a unique blend of high style and low-key elegance, and the best of the good life set to a slow and casual island tempo.

One of the most popular things to do on Anguilla is sailing. There are plenty of options to charter all kinds of boats. The island can easily be explored by renting a bike. With one main road and very easy-to-navigate side roads you can discover this paradise at your own pace. There are plenty of small shops and art galleries throughout Anguilla and the island boasts some of the finest Caribbean rum and cigars.

Anguilla is a great destination for a honeymoon couple who is looking for a true Caribbean paradise to get away from it all. Take every day as it comes and do as much or as little as you wish.

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Celebrity Honeymoon Spotlight: Paris

Paris is well known for being one of the most romantic cities in the world. Recent celebrity couples spending their honeymoon in the City of Lights include Lily Allen and Sam Cooper as well as Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen.

Lily and Sam got married in June 2011 and traveled to Paris by train for their honeymoon. Lily is a famous British singer, very well known in Europe, less so in the US. If you would like to check find her on Myspace. Little is known about their stay, however, they added an interesting twist by spending a couple of nights in a luxury tent at the Glastonbury Music Festival in England. More details here.

Paris honeymoon

Another famous couple who chose Paris for their honeymoon are Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen. They spent a week in the Coco Chanel Suite at the Ritz. The lavish two-bedroom suite was previously inhabited by the legendary fashion designer. A bit more about their wedding and honeymoon from People Magazine.

Paris is a great honeymoon destination for a couple wanting to romance but also explore and enjoy European culture. What I think is really neat about Paris is that you can do it either very lavish, or on a budget. Having lived in Paris for a year I feel it offers plenty of options for both. Climbing up to Sacre Coeur at night and taking in the spectacular view of the illuminated city is priceless, super romantic, yet totally free.

Work with a travel consultant that knows the city, can explain the different pros and cons of the “arrondissements”, that makes sightseeing suggestions, and helps setting them up. We like to go as far as making dinner reservations for our clients, pointing out off the beaten track sights as well as hot spots…

Posted by: Stefanie Pichonnat can be reached at 812-917-2149 or stefanie@aav-travel.com