The Fourth Day of National #PlanForVacation Day 2019: Private Cave Dining – Negril, Jamaica

Let’s face it, the majority of visitors traveling to Jamaica for a vacation choose to stay at one of the many all-inclusive resorts. Whether it is out of convenience, or simply because they are scared, some never take the time to explore beyond their hotel’s borders.

Truth be told, Jamaica has a lot of small boutique properties, spread all across the island. Whether you want to stay in the Blue Mountains and marvel at beautiful vistas, enjoy the nightlife in Montego Bay, or sunbathe cliffside in Negril.

While you might not be ready to commit yourself to a vacation at a smaller, not all-inclusive resort (yet), you have options to venture out and experience something different for just an evening for example.

The Caves Resort, for instance, provides a unique and highly romantic opportunity.  Their hotel structure spans across the cliffs and has many caves. When occupancy permits, they allow outside guests to visit for a private cave dinner.

It is recommended to make your reservation at least a couple of weeks ahead of time. To confirm you will need to put down a non-refundable deposit, the remaining balance payable when you come for dinner. The Caves’ helpful front desk staff will also arrange transfer from and to the resort you are staying at, should you wish to. Your dinner reservation will include all your food and drinks while at the resort.

Once you arrive, you can spend some time at the sunset bar for a cocktail before dinner. You will likely meet some of the hotel guests who will be raving about cliffside kayak excursions, amazing food experiences, and contemplate whether or not to jump off a cliff the next day.

On a sunny day, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful sunset. For us, it happened to be the end of a rather enormous downpour. From the sunset bar, you can see Negril’s Lighthouse and Rockhouse Resort in the distance.


Once the private cave is set up and ready for you, you will be escorted to your table by your waiter who will cater to your every need for the entire evening. Mind you, wear comfortable shoes as you will have to go up and down steep stairs.

A private dinner at the Caves is a unique and very special experience that you will want to spend with someone truly special.

To make a reservation, send an email to They will respond quickly with availability and menu choices.


Stefanie Pichonnat is the owner of AAV Travel; a boutique travel firm specialized in creating and customizing personalized travel itineraries. You can contact her at

Loosing Track of Time at The Caves

A visit to The Caves resort was one of our highlights during the recent stay in Negril, Jamaica. This unique gem is perched above and built into Negril’s steep cliff and cave side.negril-pic1

A narrow road winds along the coast directing us to the resort, making it easy to miss the hidden entrance. A small light blue gate, just big enough for a mini-bus, is the only entrance at the resort, which is hidden behind walls. The driveway is so small that there is hardly enough space to turn your car. The lobby consists of a small, two-story building with a blue fenced in front porch; nothing fancy, just pure Jamaican country charm. It’s like arriving at a friend’s home.

As we arrive, the hotel sales executive was the first to provide us with a warm Jamaican greeting. Filled with pride and excitement, he escorted us on a small winding path to show us the highlights of the property. The stone path leads us through beautiful gardens, which guide us to a few unique cottages. We then approache Macka Tree; right below is a giant carved-out bluehole where visitors can jump into, at their own risk. The bluehole directs the swimmer to a cave that soon approaches the wide open Caribbean Sea.

As we move further, we walk towards the edge of the cliff that leads to a small spa. The spa is very discreet, but incredibly beautiful with remarkable service to satisfy your needs.

Our tour continues by walking along the cliff’s edge again. We climb down a steep staircase towards the cave structures. Small terraces approach, and lead us to the first cave that invites guests to lounge and sunbathe while viewing the ocean below. Inside the cave it was so peaceful and secluded that it felt like the property was yours. The first cave was designed for guests to dine in private. At night, the inside of the cave fills your sight with beautiful candles and the sound of waves crashing below.

The second cave is a Rum and Cigar bar; a unique feature to Negril, which again at night becomes lit with candles and small lights. The bar invites guests to lounge in relaxing benches and enjoy a large selection of different rums and cigars. A warm evening breeze sways through the cave as the peaceful sound of crashing waves encircle it.

The last cave was also unique. A hot tub is built into the cave and opens up to the sea through a window. From there you can watch the sunset and toast a glass of champagne.

The Caves Resort treats their guests as if they were family. It is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. Guests enjoy cooling off in the deep blue sea by either jumping or climbing down a ladder. An inviting small pool that is above sea level allows visitors to relax while overlooking the breathtaking view of the ocean. Guests enjoy participating in snorkeling and kayaking, a favorite pastime activity at the Caves. There is also a variety of food to choose from that is cooked to your liking.

Feel free to check out the pictures we took during our visit! The Caves can be a wonderful option for a honeymoon, relaxing getaway, or a destination wedding.