Olympic Peninsula, WA – Photo-log

“It rains a lot!” “Beware of vampires!”
Just a few examples of what people might say, when they hear you are visiting the Olympic Peninsula. Located in western Washington, just across Puget Sound from Seattle, these 3,600 square miles, contain some of the last unexplored places in the continental US. As a matter of fact, the peninsula wasn’t mapped until around 1900.

During our visit we did not get a drop of rain, neither did we see any vampires. Then again, they are supposedly fleeing the area when it is sunny out. Locals assured us that the weather we experienced was very uncommon, especially for June. When planning a trip to the Olympic Peninsula you have to expect rain, and be prepared for it.

This is a photo-log of our 2 day journey, enjoy!

Ruby Beach – early morning, the inside of the Peninsula was nice and sunny, the beach however offered some eerie fog views.

ruby beach, washinton, beach, rocks, aavexplorationsOlympicPeninsula003The Hoh Rainforest – around noon. As per its name it should be raining, however on this day it didn’t.

OlympicPeninsula007 OlympicPeninsula006 hoh rainforest, washington, olympic peninsula, hall of mosses, aavexplorationsRialto Beach – absolutely stunning, you might recognize it from movies such as “The Goonies”, or “Twilight”, the beach by La Push

OlympicPeninsula015 OlympicPeninsula014 OlympicPeninsula013 OlympicPeninsula012 OlympicPeninsula011 OlympicPeninsula010 rialto beach, la push, washington, olympic peninsula, aavexplorationsHurricane Ridge – offering incredible views and some really friendly wildlife

OlympicPeninsula008 OlympicPeninsula007 OlympicPeninsula006 OlympicPeninsula005 OlympicPeninsula004 OlympicPeninsula003 hurricane ridge, olympic national park, olympics, olympic peninsula, washington, aavexplorationsLake Crescent – beautiful, clear fresh water lake along 101

OlympicPeninsula009 crescent lake, olympics, olympic peninsula, washingtonEspecially the more rural areas of the Olympic Peninsula offer a very limited number of accommodations, mainly campgrounds and some motels. It is definitely a nature and adventure lover’s playground!

We decided to spend our night on a sailboat in Port Angeles harbor which was simply perfect for our adventure!

port angeles, saiboatstefanie pichonnat aavtravel
Written by STEFANIE
Stefanie Pichonnat is the owner of AAV Travel, a boutique travel firm. You can contact her at stefanie@aav-travel.com.