The World is a Book, and those who do not travel read only a page – Saint Augustine

Welcome, Bienvenido, Bienvenue, Benvenuti, Willkommen!

AAV Explorations is a blog created by AAV Travel. Here we share our passion for travel, our expertise, and travel tips. We hope to inspire and ecourage you to travel, travel more, travel in abundance. The world is waiting to be explored!

At AAV Travel we specialize in designing customized travel experiences. Whatever your dream vacation entails, AAV Travel takes care of the planning so you can enjoy the perfect vacation.
Should you feel the need for travel planning assistance you can find us at www.aav-travel.com

About the owner of AAV Travel and founder of AAV Explorations

My name is Stefanie Pichonnat-Christen and I am the owner of AAV Travel,  a boutique travel firm located in Terre Haute, IN. I am currently living in Indiana, where I found a new home a little over 10 years ago. After having traveled all over the world and living in cities such as Paris, New York, Zurich and Edinburgh, the small Midwestern town of Terre Haute was quite a change. Little did I know that it would provide me with the opportunity to do exactly what I enjoy and feel most passionate about.

Originally from Switzerland I have had a passion for travel ever since I was little. By age 13 I was in charge of the family travel planning. At that time you would find me hiding in my parents’ back office, writing faxes and letters, sending actual deposits, to confirm reservations. By 16 I knew I wanted a future that would allow me to work anywhere in the world. I ended up studying International Hospitality Management at the École Hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland, one of the oldest, most prestigious hotel colleges in the world.

Today, I create customized travel experiences for my clients. I guide them in their choices to find their perfect vacation and make sure all their travel arrangements are seamlessly aligned. My hospitality background not only gives me a thorough understanding of the travel industry but has also allowed me to create a valuable network with hoteliers all around the world.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have been able to turn my passion into my job. It gives me the opportunity to indulge into my passion and travel several times a year as well as allows me to perfectly balance my work and family life.

Thanks for stopping by, reading the blog! It is a pleasure to have you, please share, comment and become part of our community!

Stefanie Pichonnat Costa Rica

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